Thirteen aspiring local entrepreneurs just completed CO.STARTERS at The Commons, a nine-week program focused on women and minorities equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools, relationships, insights and support needed to turn passion and ideas into thriving businesses.

CO.STARTERS at The Commons is being supported in part by a recent $400,000 Inclusion Challenge grant awarded by the Kauffman Foundation to help women and minority entrepreneurs achieve higher rates of success by increasing access to training, resources and community.

The program will be offered every 12 weeks at The Commons on Champa. Interested starters may apply online anytime before the next program deadline to be considered for the program.

CO.STARTERS at The Commons is being supported, in part, by the recent $400,000 Inclusion Challenge grant The Commons was awarded by the Kauffman Foundation to help women and minority entrepreneurs achieve higher rates of success. In addition to CO.STARTERS, The Commons offers InCommons: an online and in-person program connecting entrepreneurs to mentors and advisors, and Women on the Rise: a community aimed at supporting the success of women entrepreneurs.

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