Connect, build, and grow your business at one of these communal working spaces.

As a nationally recognized “best place to live” and a mecca for millennials entering the workforce, Colorado’s startup scene has received recognition over the past decade and continues to grow, one entrepreneurial venture at a time. Despite the arrival of almost 101,000 transplants in the past year, much of the state’s business owners boast an in-state education. The Univeristy of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Law, Technology & Entrepreneurship even ranked 18 in Forbes’ top-20 list of America’s most entrepreneurial universities in August 2015.

But starting a business in Colorado takes more than ideas and investors. It also takes community. Denver, complete with numerous coworking campuses and endless networking opportunities, gives startups a chance to thrive. Here are a few of the collaborative spaces, networks, and resources for Colorado’s budding business owners.