New Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program for Women on The Rise

Although women are starting businesses at twice the pace of men and making 80 percent of purchasing decisions, we face significant obstacles when it comes to accessing the funding, education, mentors and markets for starting sustainable businesses. The barriers to entry that women and other minorities face in entrepreneurship cost our economy an estimated 9.5 million jobs and 63% in potential return on investment. For a healthy economic future, we are investing now in women entrepreneurs.

The goal of Women on the Rise, an initiative of The Commons on Champa and The Downtown Denver Partnership’s Women’s Council, is to inspire and support women entrepreneurs in Denver by connecting them to the resources, expertise and community needed to start and grow a business. Our work will help to dispel the depiction that entrepreneurship isn’t for women.

Mentorship offers entrepreneurs a powerful source of connections, advice, encouragement–and reality checks. Starting in April 2018, the new mentorship program created by the Women’s Council will be available to women entrepreneurs in Denver. Applications are open February 8 – March 3, 2018.

A program for women entrepreneurs eager to learn and accomplish the next steps towards success. In this mentorship program, women mentees will be placed in one to one contact with a high profile successful woman mentor.  This program promotes accomplishing clearly defined and individualized goals through consistent discussion, interaction, and guidance from a mentor.

The mentorship program is intended for women founders. Whether you’re an owner of an existing business, or you are exploring a new idea for a project, program or business, you are welcome to apply. You will need a well-articulated description of the product or service you offer (or plan on offering) as well as a description of your consumer, client or target audience.

To be eligible for the mentorship program, you must live in the Denver area and meet the following criteria:

Value commitment
Understand that you are an ambassador for your mentor, and you represent their personal brand.

Be willing to accept criticism regarding your own personal brand as advised by a mentor.

Mental commitment
Be able to proactively and openly communicate pain points within the mentorship process to a mentor or mentorship coordinator to address these points.

Be able to work closely with a mentor to establish clearly defined and mutually beneficial goals and expectations for the process.

Skill commitment
Be eager to establish new network connections, new learning, and new skills.

Maintain strong motivation to improve yourself and your work.

Time commitment
Be willing to complete an application, interview, and individual development plan to establish best fit for a mentor.

Be able to communicate with a mentor a minimum of 2 times a month to update/clarify goals.

Be willing to allocate time and resources to meet goals/expectations.

About the Program
The program is designed to place mentees in relationships with high power mentors to help communicate and accomplish individualized goals through guidance and perspective. The mentor and mentee relationship should be grounded in clearly communicated and individualized goals and expectations.

Cost of Program
The Women’s Mentorship Program is available for a flat fee of $300 for the full year. Scholarships and payment schedules are available by request.

The Mentors
8 mentors will be announced. Mentors will be high profile Denver-based women in business who are involved in strengthening the Denver entrepreneurial community. Each mentor will be hand selected and highly connected.

Apply Online by March 3, 2018

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